Interview with David Planes 

David Planes is an American artist who was raised in the small country of Luxembourg. From a young age, David was surrounded by the sounds of music, as his family always had something playing in every room. It's no surprise then that his love for music blossomed into a passion that he has been cultivating ever since.

As a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter, David's music is a unique blend of soulful vocals, acoustic instruments, and modern production techniques. He draws inspiration from a wide range of musical influences, including the emotive stylings of Jon Bellion, the heartfelt lyricism of Jeremy Zucker, and the atmospheric pop of LANY.

With his debut single "Time's Up," David brings his signature sound to the world, combining his unique musicianship and production skills to create a captivating and infectious pop song. Whether you're a long-time fan of David's music or a newcomer to his artistry, his music promises to take you on a journey of self-discovery and emotional exploration.

What were your favorite songs growing up?

Growing up, my dad put me on a lot of great music. As long as I could remember, there was music blasting from the living room. From James Brown, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder all the way to the Beatles. It‘s safe to say that music rubbed off on me from an early age.

If I could pick a few of my favorite songs growing up they‘d probably be:

Stevie Wonder - Superstitious
Sade - never as good as the first time
Seal - I can‘t stand the rain

What's the best advice you've ever received as an artist?

I listen to a lot of the stuff legendary producer Rick Rubin talks about. In an interview, he once talked about how important it is to create something every single day. Inspiration will come and go. But as long as you keep throwing stuff at the wall, eventually something will stick.

This mindset gave me the freedom to create without having any expectations of the outcome.

What message do you want to convey to your listeners 
with your songs?

I see making music like getting a tattoo.

Some will have some deeper significance to them, while others are just fun to make.

So at the end of the day, the meaning of a song will always depend on the one who‘s listening.

What inspired you to write "Time's Up" and 
could you tell us more about the meaning of the song?

Time‘s up was one of those songs that somehow just wrote themselves. I got most of the production and lyrics done in less than a day or so. The writing of the song came from a place of being tired of delaying what‘s truly meant for me.

It‘s not important to overthink the „how‘s“ and „when‘s“ in life and just do the necessary steps to move forward and believe that imperfect action will be better than not doing anything and staying stuck in „analysis paralysis“.

What is your process when you get a new idea for a song?

An idea or a melody can get into my head at any time. Could be at the grocery store or while taking a walk. So I just grab my phone, open up the voicenote app and hum the thing that was in my head. Once I get home I can translate that idea into a demo and eventually a finished song.

Which album have you listened to the most last year?

I started listening to a lot of Gospel music last year. Maverick City Music‘s „Old Church Basement“ is probably at the top of that list.

How did you start doing music?

I started playing piano at like 6 because my russian mother had hopes of me becoming a child prodigy, which didn‘t really happen.

I got into different hobbies growing up, but music always stuck with me and only at like 19 did I picked up music back again to learn how to write and produce my own songs.

15th February 2023