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For this genre-hopping singer-songwriter, the best is yet to come. currently writing and recording in his hometown of New Orleans, Felix Rabito’s musical world-building blends influences ranging from early Coldplay to punch brothers and the districts. However, drawing parallels to such groups is limiting in scope. His sonic ideas and themes pull from his early love of classical and world music, injected with an unmistakable New Orleans flair that is both intensely personal and immediately approachable.

The multi-instrumentalist started his journey playing piano, but developed a love for the ukulele early on. “Each instrument dictates what song it wants you to write,” Felix comments, now writing, recording, and/or performing on piano, ukulele, guitar, banjo, strummable dulcimer, drums, synthesizers, and more.

Felix Rabito’s anthemic 2020 ep, No Me llores, released independently with his band, Saint Dismas, demonstrates a heavier midwest sound that builds on the guitar-heavy release kombucha blues and exhibits his masterful song-smithing that first captivated audiences in 2016 on Bread.

In the end, his art is about connection. acceptance. belonging. there is beauty here, in this world, and if Felix can find a way to create something beautiful, he will. The year 2022 will be one of transition, of growth, of learning and of change, but will bring us together to share in the joy of music - the greatest sound.

the interview

Tell us more about your track "Anna Muse"

Does Anna exist and does she know about your song?

 Anna Muse was the first song I ever finished. I was 15-years-old and existential about everything, one such thing was love! 

Anna does exist, she’s a really cool person and talented actress! She is the name sake, but the song is not exclusively about her. 

I think the song has meant many different things to different people over the years,  so i will stay pretty vague in my own interpretations; 

each line is about a different person that was important in my life, with lines about my childhood friend, my sister, my grandma amongst others. 

In short, the most perfect person you can imagine is still a person.


Which of your songs do you like the most and why?


 I love and hate them all at the same time.  I am mostly kidding, but it is hard to look at them objectively after spending so much time on them!


Cure, I believe, is the best song I have ever written, in a huge part because it was co-written by Josh and Thom (Saint Dismas) 

The goal in songwriting for me is to match the wordless feelings inside to what exists in the world as perfectly as possible

I haven’t totally encapsulated the internal feelings in a song yet, but cure is pretty close! My favorite recording is petrified because the day I wrote it is the same day I recorded it using only the microphone on my laptop. It felt super authentic! Lastly, I have to say Anna Muse. As much as “play Anna Muse” is becoming a meme amongst my friends, I am grateful for it. Without that song, I for sure would not be doing music today. 


I owe a lot to it, and I don’t take it for granted. Some of my most special moments on stage have been playing that song.


What is your process when you have an idea for a new song?

 Songwriting feels like digging for treasure… 99% of the time there is nothing, but every once in a while an idea is discovered; and it feels like uncovering a whole lost world. Typically the melody comes first. This melody turns into mumbling which leads to phrases, which leads to months or years of over thinking and trying to return to the original feeling (I would not recommend this step).

Then, I jam with Josh and Thom (Saint Dismas) and the ideas and structure begin to take shape! Lastly, the lyrics are finalized, often as recording is happening. Ideas come quickly; songs sometimes come quickly, but mostly songwriting is a slow, long process. I am trying to get better at it.



Who are your favorite artists?

So hard to pick... I could make you a huge list, but some of the the landmark artists in my heart are Coldplay (2000-2008), J.Cole, Punch Brothers, Vampire Weekend (The Mansard Roof ep, the self-titled first album, and contra are my favorites!), Arctic Monkeys (whatever people say I am thats what I’m not), and Andrew Bird!


Which albums did you listen the most to last year?


Ibrahim Ferrer (presented by buena vista social club) by Ibrahim Ferrer and either/or by Elliot Smith


Who is your biggest artistic influence?


Easily my biggest artistic influence is early Coldplay. My first concert experience was seeing Coldplay in New Orleans in 2008 during the Viva la Vida tour, and it completely changed my life. hipsters like to make fun of Coldplay, and I totally agree, but everything before and including Viva la Vida is some of the best music ever. I can’t overstate how important they were/are to me both musically and personally. i have also been heavily influenced by Beirut (Anna Muse), the Districts (Cure), Shakey graves, and Patrick Watson!


When did you start doing music?


I began playing classical piano when i was very young, fell in love with music at 12, and I started writing songs at 15! 

I still feel like a beginner everyday though.


Tell us something about the story behind the song "bread".


Bread was the first song I ever wrote, and I believe writing it was my first form of prayer!

I remember sitting down, closing my eyes and thinking “Help me write something important!” 

and Bread just came out. I am still finding meaning in it 6 years later!


What message do you want to convey to your listeners with your songs?

To love each other and love yourself!




Who would you love to collaborate with?



Richy Mitch and the Coal Miners, a band out in Colorado! 

They are one of my favorite bands, and i have the distinct honor of also calling them friends!


What's the best advice you've ever received as an artist?



There are two pieces of advice ground me the most:

“The second you expect anything of music, you expect too much,”

My good friend and life-long collaborator, Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Queens Of The Stone Age).


“If you keep showing up, another song will come. Songwriting is about patience and never losing faith,”



- Jim Mccormick (a Nashville songwriter, who attended the same high school as I did,  Jesuit High School New Orleans!)


My advice for any musicians out there, is every time you step on stage you never know if it will be your last chance to play. 



Play every show like it is the last one because you never know when the last show will be! 

Each opportunity to play music is an insane privilege and gift.


For a long time, I was focused on so many other things tangential to playing music. It sucked the joy out of music and performing and prevented me from being truly there with my friends. 



Before I play, I remind myself of how grateful I am to have the opportunity to play music, and i don’t for a second take that for granted.


Give us some spoilers on your upcoming music.


So much coming soon! ;)

Tell us more about your new ep "no me llores" in collaboration with Saint Dismas.


These songs came during my unnecessarily turbulent college years and coincided with my discovering the electric guitar! 

I began writing on electric guitar after Thom, our drummer, showed me the districts. the songs are about giving dignity to the hard moments in life, and making as much noise as i could in the overwhelming pressures of college and my early 20s. The project ends with interlude because no matter how grim things may seem, with hope, it is only the beginning of the story. 


The best is always yet to come.

The title, "No me Ilores" was written on Chris Martin's acoustic guitars throughout the Viva la Vida tour. i wrote it on the back of my dulcimer to keep myself grounded; then Thom noticed it, and he suggested that be the name of the album!

additionally, in spanish, “No Me llores” means don't cry for me which is both the title and a “please” reference!




What's your ultimate goal?

To be a loving person and to make things that sound and feel like my heart!

You guys are asking big questions—haha!




What's your most favorite memory of being an artist?

It's impossible to say, so I would like to take this moment to shout out the venue legends at Notre Dame for paying me with peanut butter burgers. I dream of them.


Which countries would you love to visit the most for a tour?

 Germany;) or Mexico to visit our bassist josh’s friend’s Mauricio in Puebla or Amaranta in Guanajuato; i would love to travel perhaps to France to visit my friend Ikram! alternatively, we are planning on going to Canada to interview Nardwuar. 

Nardwuar if you see this we are ready for you.


If you could go back to the day you first made music, what would you tell yourself?

 Just do things!! Don't be so reactionary!! Don’t overthink it! :)


What would you like to tell your fans?

 Literally thank you so much for listening. 

A 12-year-old, Coldplay hero-worshiping, me would not believe anyone was actually listening to his music, 

and he would cry tears of joy!!


What's your favorite lyrics from your songs?

Impossible to pick! but one thing i want to say for any super fans out there is whenever I sing the line from Cure, “please, please tell me what i want to hear, it's better if its insincere ‘cause i'm a coward behind this shield” I point to my guitar as the "shield." I don't know if anyone has ever noticed that but it is always super cathartic, especially back in 2019!


Who is the girl on the ep cover of No Me llores?

 That is my little sister Julia Rabito

She is one of my best friends, the best sister you could ever have, and pretty much my favorite person!

Thank you for the interview, Felix!


4th of March 2022


Review on the ep "Bread"

Felix Rabito's ep "Bread" spreads a warm and homey feeling. A loving warmth fills the room as soon as his music comes on. 

Wonderful songs accompanied by playful melodies.