Interview with Luxid

Who is Luxid?

"Hi!  You can call me Luxid or Hyosang

I like to write piano songs and 

I also work as a producer. Sometimes ... I sing too"

The interview

Who are your favorite artists?

There are so many and it’s hard to choose one or two, but from the top of my head I say Colde, Joe Hisaishi, Lee Jinnah, and Tak

What's your favorite lyrics from your songs?

“I became a way too close with my only friend loneliness” from my song Door ft. Gming. 

It’s a funny way of saying i’m lonely hahaha.

What inspired you to make music?

My inspiration comes from movies, especially Shinkai Makoto’s movies.

Could you give us spoilers for your upcoming tracks?

Hmmm, I have another piano album coming this year. hopefully before the summer ends haha.

Thank you, for the interview Luxid!

10th January 2022

album artist: denis istomin

IG: @istomin_denis

Review on Luxid's album "Painting"

Luxid takes us into the playful world of his idyllic tones. his music is like watercolors that have the ability to paint a gray rainy day with the brightest colors. his strength is to imply his feelings in his music.

Some of his songs sound like they are straight out of a beautiful romance movie of innocent and youthful love. Luxid doesn't need lyrics to share his stories or thoughts with us, they are all hidden in his music notes, like words, that are waiting to be to be heard and understood. His music calls out a familiar and warm feeling.